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We are accredited by the Mechanical and Engineering Related Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA) to offer training in the following SAQA-aligned Learnerships:

We also offer training in apprenticeships and other ad-hoc programmes as per client requirements.

Our Training Centre in Port Elizabeth (Sydenham) is a registered Trade Test centre, accredited by the merSETA.

Course Duration
How refrigeration and air-conditioning cycle works 10 days
Use of tools as used in the refrigeration industry 10 days
Join and install refrigerant piping 8 days
Install air-conditioners 12 days
Single phase circuitry for refrigeration and air-con 12 days
Three phase circuitry as used for refrigeration & a/c 10 days
Safe handling of refrigerants (includes assessment) 2 days
Refrigeration and air-conditioning 15 days
Domestic Refrigeration 10 days
Commercial Refrigeration 15 days
Install air-conditioners in vehicles 5 days

We offer other programmes, tailored specifically around client requirements, and in line with our accreditation mandate.

IETI is also a registered Training Service Provider to merSETA in their SME Voucher Training Programme, where merSETA registered companies, with staff complements not exceeding 149, are offered FREE TRAINING in areas that are specific to their needs.

If you qualify, take advantage and contact us and we will assist you to gain the edge!

on these and other Refrigeration programmes and pricing, contact your nearest IETI office

CAPE TOWN 021-5118048
GAUTENG 011-4620784
PORT ELIZABETH 041-4871545